A Journey Down Under

A Journey Down Under


‘Don’t limit yourself to what you are now as the possibilities in life are limitless. The boundaries in your life can only be defined by the horizons you have set.’Ace has always thought that nothing is impossible as long as there is the willingness to succeed. At a very young age, he always wanted to migrate abroad to escape the horrible working condition in his country, especially as a nurse. With the help of his parents, he travels to Australia to make himself better. However, little does he know that life will not be as easy as he expects it to be. He is confronted with family expectations, questions about his sexuality, and personal dilemmas. With conflicts and troubles building up, he is to make decisions that will soon change him forever. The problem is that everyone thinks they know him, but no one has ever seen past his smiles and laughter. He has pretended to be someone else to make everyone around him happy, but does he feel the same way?A Journey Down Under is a heart-wrenching and a heart-warming story of family, love and success. A novel based on the colourful life story of a young guy who triumphs over all his difficulties. A mixture of comedy, romance and drama. An inspiring book that will definitely give you a real-life lesson: a motivation to see life more positively and many more.


About the Author

Ace is a senior registered nurse who originally worked in the Emergency Department. He has since transferred to Oncology/Haematology Ward. However, even with his full-time job, he has always contributed to the writing community as a freelance writer. He migrated to Australia from the Philippines to study and work. He stayed in Sunshine Coast for 3 years before transferring to Brisbane to work for the Mater Private Hospital.



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