The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel

The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel


Reading this entertaining travel memoir, you’ll discover how one man's journey, prompted by a personal loss, has changed his life forever and inspired countless others. A grandfather of seven, Chris Herrmann left his home and family in Australia and embarked on an unlikely and at times hilarious 365-day solo backpacking adventure around the world. Chris set out to live every day as an unknown adventure. He wasn’t trying to escape from life or to find himself. Instead he wanted to be free to explore and escape the normal routines and expectations of life. While some saw his trip as crazy, he embraced it as a way to challenge himself. To push himself out of his comfort zone. He left with no purpose, other than to take each day as it came and be open to opportunities. You’ll learn how one project he initiated has benefited charities worldwide. Chris’s story has been covered by the BBC and by numerous TV, radio, print and online media across Australia, Europe and Asia. During his journey, he was inspired by the confidence of many young travelers he met along the way. He hopes The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel will inspire you to live your travel adventures.



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