The Wayward Haunt - Cas E. Crowe

The Wayward Haunt - Cas E. Crowe


The Council of Founding Sovereigns rules the earth. The United League of Dissent seeks to overthrow them.


In the middle of the centuries-fought war, teenager Zaya Wayward is sentenced to the filthy coal mines of Gosheniene. Accused of a murder she didn't commit, the true identity of the killer must remain secret-the black-veined woman, a cursed, sadistic wraith fuelled by violence and rage.


When Zaya is conscripted into service life at the Tarahik Military base, the ghost is waiting. Zaya's ability to see the dead is the key that could annihilate human existence-and sinister forces will go to unstoppable lengths to get it.


Determined to find the link between her past and a puzzle that threatens the world, Zaya joins forces with Captain Jad Arden, the pair propelled into a breakneck chase across haunted wastelands, desolate ruins, and ravaged cities. But Jad has secrets of his own, and Zaya's feelings for him could be her undoing.


One thing the wraith does ensure-the wrong choice will cost Zaya her life.



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