The Spider's Parlour - Jacqueline Henry

The Spider's Parlour - Jacqueline Henry


A man can attest to the noblest of deeds and perform the most wicked acts for love.The day Lucian Finlay first saw Deanna's face his heartstrings played a chord he'd never heard before. It's been resonating through his fibre ever since, building to a symphony that makes his soul soar.He is in love.He is twice Deanna's age.Deanna... she's not so keen.Sure, Lucian Finlay is rich, has a very elegant bearing and wears lots of nice suits. He owns The Fountain Hotel, that five-star joint in Sydney, and she has to admit that it's very flattering to have so much attention from such a powerful and prosperous man but...But she loves Trevor. They're engaged. One day they will get married.But not if Lucian can help it.Pasha, Lucian's right-hand man, can't figure out what the hell is going on.All he knows is that his boss is now acting like some love-sick pubescent with a massive crush and a hard-on. It's embarrassing. Lucian needs to pull himself together, they've got this casino deal to attend to and it's not going at all well because Mayor Valorie Copeland keeps saying no.But Lucian, he's just not getting it, he's letting things slip, making mistakes, putting the entire operation into jeopardy because his head is full of some young thing half his age.And now Lucian wants him to do what...?!Come into the parlour, a dazzling but dangerous place in this dark, romantic crime thriller filled with violence and evil deeds, and a hard smack of black humour.



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