The Girl She Was - Rebecca Freeborn

The Girl She Was - Rebecca Freeborn


Seventeen-year-old Layla was just like any other teenager in the small town of Glasswater Bay: she studied hard, went out drinking with her friends and worked at the local café. But when she started having a relationship with her older, married boss, everything changed.

Twenty years later she's living a quiet life in the suburbs with a husband and two children, a life far removed from the girl she was. Until she receives a text message: I know what you did.

For years she outran her past, turning away from the town and her friends. Now her past has caught up.

About the Author

Rebecca Freeborn, the author of Hot Pursuit (2018) and Misconception (2019) has been writing since the age of 12. At her home in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, she writes before the sun comes up. By day, she works as a communications and content editor for the South Australian Government.

Rebecca lives with her husband, three kids, a dog, a cat and a horse and spends her moments of spare time reading novels and feminist articles and compulsively checking Facebook.

The Girl She Was is Rebecca’s third novel.



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