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This story totally captures the magic that is within the city of Melbourne in this mature coming-of-age drama where a man takes on a different identity to win the heart of the woman he loves.


About the Author

Peter Levy is widely known as a songwriter & feature film scriptwriter with 17 movie credits. This is his first novel.


Kaye Nutman - Hybrid Writer. Author of 'Headscarves, Headwraps & More'
5.0 out of 5 starsWell crafted and engrossing novel set in Melbourne.
"The streets were always a hustle and bustle with me an invisible flea coasting along. I love to watch others and speculate on their lives, They had to have more interesting ones than I had."
This is how the protagonist in this captivating diary-style novel sums up his life. It is set in Melbourne City and surrounds, in - among other places - the offices of a pharmaceutical sales company.
The lead character (whose real name, if we ever hear it, I haven't downloaded into my memory banks as he is otherwise referred to as cuz or by other pseudonyms) feels he is living a woefully unremarkable life until he takes on the character of Damien Jones, a former employee, and man of mystery. From a life of consistency, dining with his cousin Rose at his favourite restaurant "Aldo's", his decisions lead him to new friendships with office nerd Yohan, among others, and his once uneventful love life becomes far more complex.
From a rather self-absorbed character, as events escalate, the hero of the piece finds his life-changing and realises that he isn't the only one with secrets.
This is not your average rom com; nor just a mystery story (but who was Damien Jones? You may be surprised when you find out the answer). It is suspenseful, but isn't an action-adventure - so a romantic adventure with mystery? This urban coming of age story of a thirty-year-old has some sex scenes, but the story is far more than that. The book has a pleasing ending, though I did hope Yohan and Rose (or maybe Helen) would get together, but that's just me!
This would make a great film; not surprising as reading below you can see that the whilst this is his first novel, the author is also a songwriter & feature film scriptwriter with 17 movie credits to his name. It shows, in this well crafted novel.

This read beautifully on my iPad as the diary like style let the 'chapters' run on from each other without blank space.



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