Seventeen - YA survival in Australia

Seventeen - YA survival in Australia



Book one in the Seventeen Series

A young adult adventure story set in the Australian outback.

The world we know has changed. Imagine a world where everything you grew up with is gone. No television, no internet, no shopping centres and no adults. When a catastrophic virus kills everyone above the age of seventeen, life on earth suddenly becomes a battle for survival.

As the virus hits Australia, two sisters, Lexi and Hadley, find themselves alone and vulnerable. With gangs roaming the streets they no longer feel safe in their home and must flee the city in search of a safe place to live.

Seeking sanctuary, the girls head to the small town of Jasper's Bay in the Western Australian countryside. They soon discover that the quiet looking town in not as peaceful as it first seemed. The sisters are abruptly thrown into bitter conflict leading to mistrust, betrayal and murder.

In a world without adults and without rules, they must decide who they can trust before it's too late.

How long could you survive in a world without adults? Who could you turn to? Who could you trust?

Winner of the New Apple YA Sci-Fi/Horror e-book awards

Industry Reviews


Suzanne's writing is compelling and I enjoyed the vivid descriptions and her world building. Seventeen creates a seamless blend of adventure and dystopia, enabling readers to follow the tale of survival of two sisters in a dangerous world. The feeling that anything could go wrong at any moment permeates the narrative and keeps the reader utterly engaged.


I really enjoyed Seventeen for so many reasons. I fell in love with many of the characters, especially Lexi, and loved to hate others. The story had me engaged from start to finish and I really enjoyed witnessing the slow and steady crumble of 'normal', mundane society into a world where new rules and power groups have to be formed by kids and teens!



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