Refugee - Reece Pocock

Refugee - Reece Pocock


In a time when the world is still recovering from the aftermath of World War II...A man leaves his history in the war and his devastating wounds of his murdered family. But the war will not fade far from his mind as memories flow from the deaths at Dresden to Germany; the deserters; the killing fields...littered by dead bodies...hospitals overwhelmed and refugee centres, so under-supported...Rolf Krieger arrives in Adelaide after leaving Germany to start a new life. He uses his skills as a carpenter to gain work with Bill Kelly, a good man who becomes a friend and confidant. He finds love in the arms of Bill's sister, Elaine, a war widow with two children. He experiences happiness, until the haunting events from his past track him down in the form of a stranger seeking him out because he thinks Rolf stole from a dying aristocrat before the war ended and now, he wants Rolf to repay the sin in blood...They come together in an attempt to rebuild their lives after the dynamics of a conflict that so far has ruined them...Peace will not be found at the end of this war...



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