Poetry The Four Lives - Nicholas Pak

Poetry The Four Lives - Nicholas Pak


Poetry is written to encourage the reader to visualize a story and explore emotions. Sometimes dark, often with a twist of humor, the reader can be transported into a world of self-discovery by imagining the turmoil associated with relationships. A complex and descriptive mixture of romance, torment, emotion, imaginings and yearnings are contained in the selection of poetry. Each poetic piece is a story with a beginning and an end.

The reader will enjoy some while being left to wonder why by others-to ask questions and look for answers. The urge is to keep reading to find the end of each story. A combination of interesting and entertaining stories-a good read.

About the Author

Nicholas Pak was an avid reader and loved the English language. His poetry can sometimes be a bit dark, often has a humorous twist. Whilst some of his poetry sensitively expresses emotions and relationships, each poem tells a story, the reader can visualise a picture. Nick lived in Melbourne for his first 22 years, then moved to Sydney to live with his father, who had relocated for work, and where Nick subsequently died. Nick had attempted tertiary level studies but had to defer due to health issues, therefore not completing his degree. He passed away aged 38 years before he could complete the publishing process.

His mother Colleen Marshall is publishing this book on his behalf.



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