Melting Moments - Anna Goldsworthy

Melting Moments - Anna Goldsworthy


It is 1941. Eighteen-year-old Ruby leaves behind the family farm, her serious mother and roguish father, and heads for Adelaide. After a brief courtship, she enters into a hasty marriage with a soldier about to go to war – who returns a changed man.

In this absorbing novel, Anna Goldsworthy recreates the world of Adelaide half a century ago, and portrays the phases of a woman’s life with intimacy and sly humour. We follow Ruby as she contends with her damaged husband and eccentric in-laws. We see her experience motherhood and changing social circumstances, until, in a moving twist, a figure from the past reappears, to kindle a late-life romance.

In her captivating fiction debut, Goldsworthy evokes a woman’s life in a pre-feminist world. In this tender, funny book, she combines an Austenesque wit with Alice Munro’s feeling for human complexity.

About the Author

Anna Goldsworthy is the award-winning author of Piano Lessons, Welcome to Your New Life and the Quarterly Essay Unfinished Business- Sex, Freedom and Misogyny. Her writing has appeared in The Monthly, The Age, The Australian, the Adelaide Review and The Best Australian Essays. She is also a concert pianist, with several recordings to her name, and a lecturer at the Elder Conservatorium of Music.



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