Isabel and Chloe - The Journey Begins - Samantha Hampstead

Isabel and Chloe - The Journey Begins - Samantha Hampstead


Chloe will protect her sister, Isabel, from evil until their last breath...The life of Chloe, a 13-year-old French girl during the 1500's can be challenging when working as a servant for a prominent aristocratic family during the Crusades. It can become even more hazardous as she learns she is 2nd in line to the Portuguese Throne and one of the last remaining members of the House of Aviz. Raised in hiding by their Father, Chloe, with her sister Isabel, grow in protected solitude and innocence until Isabel bears the child of a man linked to the throne. As the ripple of shock lingers, they uncover the truth of their father being the great King Sebastian of Portugal, who has been forced into hiding due to an assassination attempt years earlier.Isabel's child will reshape the modern world as they know it; including the monarchy and all the lands surrounding. Chloe and Isabel are part Cathar which means for them to live in constant threat and fear as they oppose the Catholic Church. Chloe will protect her sister, Isabel, from the evil that comes for them until their last breath...even as fate propels demons to haunt them; they must remain true to the knowing that Isabel's newborn son will become the true king of the land as he is to be...



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