From the Heart: Stories of Love and Life

From the Heart: Stories of Love and Life


Six moving and engrossing stories that you can feel.
“Almost too raw in its truth.”
A snapshot of intense moments in the lives of people facing a crisis, and the answers they find – answers that give some comfort and meaning.
Collection includes:
Heart Buddies
Life After
Mouse Mat
A Worm Among the Flowers
The Legacy You Leave
Love in a Teapot


  • Carlo seems a perfect husband. Why can’t Nicky go with the happiness within her reach?
  • Rita worked really hard to live up to it all. And then she failed. How can something good come from all the pain?
  • A child lies in bed, scared and alone. Will Daddy and Mummy be there for her? Finding an answer takes a lot of growing up.
  • The ladies bridge club. Long time friends struggling to hang on as the Autumn leaves fall around them.
  • What was the secret to Greg’s ability to be loyal to his work and foster his dreams for his sons? And what toll did it take?
  • Sue and her mother had formed a tight bond, a wall against the conflict and pain in their life. But when does that wall become a prison?
  • Moving and heart-warming, these short stories about love, and the emotions that get in the way, are an antidote to the fears that haunt the nights of all of us.



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