Emotives Volume 2 - Janelle Barker

Emotives Volume 2 - Janelle Barker


Once again, a poet and a true Australian talent provides a collection of expression and emotions for all to enjoy for future to come...Disarming, warm and always accessible, Janelle Barker's poems make ordinary experiences glow. Everything that suffuses her emotive expression is here: love, compassion, insight, lyrical precision and the clear, simple honesty that reveals how life can turn in a moment. Musing on undercurrents and connections between family, nature, memory, motherhood and the world of circumstantial events that have created our culture and our fears. The poems in this aspiring new collection delve us further into a far more thought-provoking place. Grounded in experiences and perceptions, with all human mysteries and consolations they resonate with a passionate, sensuous honesty that only a true poet can express create. Janelle is a mother and wife who loves the closeness of family. Often a private person, Janelle shares moments with people that are close to her. Having moved from city to country life, her passion for poetry came in her 20's yet the desire to truly create her works in a collection came later in her life. She felt shy readers would not hold confidence in what she wrote and not connect to her work until encouraged by showing those close to her; most reacting emotionally to her years of thoughts and words. That was all she needed and was inspired to share her work with the world and for the world of poet lovers to relate.



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