Emigree The Crying Tree - Jane Ireland

Emigree The Crying Tree - Jane Ireland


The whispers of the universe are shouting at you...

The lives of two women collide as transformative effects of the supernatural guide them towards reconciliation and open pathways to a fateful retribution.

Sentient beings; Grace finds the term misguided. Since her assault, a pact has been made--with her protective spirit; beyond--promising her glimpses of an unknown future, yet her secrets must remain hidden from all. A crushing blow was never part of the deal...

A young woman, desperate to survive, longs for another world far from her own. Having fled war-torn Budapest for Australia, Izabella's dreams for renewal abandon her.

Spanning the twenty years following World War II, and set in beautiful Brisbane and amongst the dust of rural New South Wales, Emigree explores the universal emotion of bereavement and how a little magic will change lives forever...


Industry Reviews

"...A beautiful and mystical journey of emotion; masterfully written by an Author who knows the sensitivities of loss...a must read...." 5 stars, IndieBooks reviewer



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