Alone - Gillian Wells

Alone - Gillian Wells


Will her nightmare end in tragedy or resolution? Rachel is on her property in the remoteness of the Australian outback; alone. Her husband has passed, and her estranged son, having left years ago, returns to demand a share of his father's inheritance. Rachel is frightened of him and then becomes suspicious of him, when she discovers a dead body in her creek; Is it linked to her son? She calls the police and meets new police sergeant, Mike, and his new and enticing friendship is something Rachel finds refreshing. Then her dog dies with questionable circumstance as Rachel knows there is more than meets the eye. With Mike confronting her son; a gun fight ensuing with a motorcycle gang. Everything seems to be spiralling out of control. Rachel must protect the ones she loves even if it means breaking their hearts in the process... No one knows how alone Rachel's heart truly is...



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